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Nov 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
to disclose evidence that seriously undercut the case against michael morton. accused of murdering his wife christine who was beaten to death in bed. morton was released from prison two years ago when dna evidence proved he was innocent. >> i prayed for it, and i had faith it would arrive. >> reporter: prosecutors are required by law to share any evidence they collect that would be helpful to the defense. but in this case two critical things were withheld. witnesses reported seeing a man park a green van nearby and walk into the woods near the mortons' house. and michael morton's mother said his son heard a monster with a big mustache. the recent dna test also led to the real killer. app drifter named mark allen norwood convicted in march and also accused of killing another central texas woman debra baker a year after morton was sentenced to prison. morton serving 25 years in prison. now the sentence for the prosecutor just ten days in jail for contempt of court. a harsher penalty unavailable because of the statute of limitations. michael morton was in court today to watch the pros
Nov 30, 2013 2:00pm PST
dermatologist. >>> the cnn film "an unreal dream" is the true story of michael morton, a man who spent 25 years in a texas prison for a crime he did not commit. a juror's search for emotion on the stand and a defendant's effort to suppress it seemingly led to a life sentence. >> i guess i kept looking at michael and just notice hadding that he just didn't seem to have a lot of feeling about him. i guess i kept looking for some emotion that would let me know something about him, what was going on. >> michael had an amazing capacity to compartmentalize things so that he didn't bring his grief into the office. i don't know what he did with it. >> i didn't think i was going to get convicted. it was going to be a longish trial, but then it would be revealed that there can be no there there. there's nothing to convict. there's nothing hard. there's nothing that says, look, this guy did it. there's nothing beyond a reasonable doubt. and i couldn't imagine what could possibly be manufactured to make 12 people think that i'd killed my wife. >> what led -- what led a jury to convict michae
Nov 14, 2013 3:00am PST
an extraordinary case, a lot of people may be familiar with it, in texas, a man named michael morton went to prison for 25 years for a crime he didn't commit and this past week the prosecute your ken anderson agreed to give up his law license and serve ten days, a small amount, for contempt in court. >> what do you think of that model? are we talking about a larger problem right now prosecutorial misconduct or are we seeing just some very high profile cases? because i remember in local news days, i covered the duke lacrosse case and what happened for the da mike nifong there. >> who was disbarred. no, sir prosecuted although it was close. but he got disbarred. >> humiliated. >> pretty extraordinary. this is all the result of dna evidence. the revolution in law enforcement, because before dna came out, we could never really say with great certainty that innocent people were in prison, even though the ferguson case wasn't technically a dna case it all comes out of the investigations that have come up by the innocence project and others. lot of people are saying it's not enough t
Nov 9, 2013 5:30am PST
evidence. witnessehad reported seeing a man park areen van and walk into the wded area near the morton's house. and michael rton's mother-in-law sa his 3-year-old son eric tolder he saw a big monster with big mustache hurting h mother. was daddy there, he was asked? no, he said mommy and eric was there. that same dna evidence led to threal killer a drifter named mark allen norwood convicted i march. mort served nearly 25 years in prison and 8,995 days. d the sentenceor t prosecutor? just ten days for contet of court. a harsher penalty unailable because of the stute of limitations. >>here is no way anything we could do today would resolve the hu. >> repter: he now loses his law license a h judge steps down. >> thenly thing i want as a baseline is for ken anderson to be off the bench and for him t no longer practice la >> rorter: anderson's successors in the prosecutor's office have also agreed to look back at all of his por convictionto see if there wer other cases of misconct. for "today," pete wiiams, nbc news, washington. >>> miami dphins player jonathan mtin remains on the team's injy
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4